Surrender Request

Aussie Rescue of Monnesota - Surrender Request

Thank you for your interest in Aussie Rescue of Minnesota.

Our goal is to match your dog with its new forever home as quickly as possible. To accomplish this, we proactively request a lot of information to help us ensure we have the right match from the start, therefore increasing the chances of finding a perfect home the first time and limiting the number of times your dog has to transition to a new life. There are no right or wrong answers to our surrender request form. We do not judge you based on your answers. We just ask for you to provide the truth so we can accomplish the goal – realign your dog to a new forever home the first time and do so with the least amount of transitional stress. Thank you for taking the time to complete this surrender request form.

Please make sure that you have all the necessary information at hand before completing this form (i.e., 4 photos – front, back, left side, right side – of your dog, traits, behavior, vet info).

    Owner Information

    Dog Information


    Dog Sex


    What actions have you taken to address your reason to surrender? (check all that apply)

    Vet Information

    Has your dog been microchipped?

    If microchipped:

    Dog Bite History

    Has your dog ever bit a human?

    Has your dog ever bit another dog/animal?

    Has your dog displayed aggression?

    Has your dog ever attacked/attempted to attack a person?

    Please check all boxes for traits that apply to your dog:

    On a scale of 1-5, my dog is:
    1 = needs significant work
    5 = outstanding

    Good with human strangers?
    Good with other dogs?        
    Good with cats?                   
    Good with livestock?          

    My dog does well with:

    Kids age 0-5yr
    Kids age 6-11yr
    Kids age 12-15yr
    Kids age 16-18yr

    What is your dog’s energy level?

    What is your dog’s prey drive?

    Resource Guarding

    Does your dog guard resources?

    If yes, do they guard toys?
    If yes, do they guard food?
    If yes, do they guard people?
    If yes, do they guard other dogs?

    Dog Traits

    Is your dog Crate trained?
    Is your dog House trained?
    Is your dog Good on a leash?
    Is your dog Obedience trained?
    Is your dog Good with other dogs at doggy daycare/dog parks?

    How does your dog spend the day?

    In a crate
    Roaming the house

    Fence/Secure Yard

    Does your dog need a secured (fenced-in) yard?
    If yes, would they escape a 4’ fence?
    If yes, would they escape a 5’ fence?
    If yes, would they escape a 6’ fence?

    Additional Information

    Dog Photos

    Please attach 4 photos of your dog (front, back, left side, right side - the limit is 2 MB for each photo). All 4 photos are REQUIRED.

    Front Photo:
    Back Photo:
    Right Side Photo:
    Left Side Photo: